Happy Passover!

Chag Sameach and Good Yontif – Passover has started.

Did I:

  • change all of our crockery and cutlery?
  • clean the entire house?
  • sweep all the corners with a feather and burn all of the remaining chometz?

Did I heck.

But – I did:

  • bag up all of the flour and pasta, and sell it to the nearest non-Jew (The Husband, conveniently enough. who hid it in the cupboard under the stairs);
  • sweep the cupboard where we keep such things and the floor under the cupboard;
  • bought the entire stock of Sainsburys Swindon’s Matzo crackers (there’s none in Cwmbran Sainsburys, cannot imagine why).
  • I will also shortly be attempting to cook cinnamon balls and coconut pyramids:-)

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the Seder meal at my Mum’s, with the traditional Passover dish of – er, lamb and apricot stew, with burgers for middlest who doesn’t like lamb:-s

Sadly, this year, the thought of trying to live for eight days without chicken nuggets, weetabix or cornflakes (for the boys) is a bit too much. But by goodness we’ll do without bread! As long as no-one finds the bread rolls I hid in the freezer…

Chag Sameach everyone. They tried to kill us, they failed, let’s eat!

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