I Am Fat (not child friendly)

Three years on and nothing’s changed except my age:-)

Ellie's Blog

As I write this it’s the evening of Christmas Day, and although we’re a Jewish/Pagan multifaith household, and we celebrate slightly differently, we’ve all eaten ourselves into a stupor over the last three days. So my weight is on my mind right now. I can feel my clothes getting a little tighter, and I know I’ll have put at least a few pounds on by the time everything settles down.

I’ve been overweight since I was eight, when I became chubby. At the age of eleven I went to WeightWatchers (the old system, which in my opinion was a fairly good one) and I was then slim from the ages of thirteen to eighteen. At eighteen I left home and went to University, and dieting or healthy eating was the last thing on my mind. By the age of twenty I was overweight again, and by twentyfive I was fat.

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