How My Body Talks To Me

Since I started on the Paleo/supplement route, I’ve been noticing my body’s responses more, and I’ve realised that it communicates with me in some very clear ways:

  • Hair and nails dry and brittle – need more coconut oil or coconut milk in my diet
  • Hay-fever like symptoms – too much lactose in my diet (or sometimes hayfever)
  • Hungry – need to eat more protein
  • Exhausted, feeling generally deprived and miserable – need to eat more healthy fats
  • Cramp in legs or feet (especially when doing yoga) – need more salt in my diet
  • Serious pain in digestive system – I’ve eaten more than a teaspoon of any kind of grain
  • Weight gain – too much stress/not enough sleep
  • Mouth ulcers – too much stress/not enough sleep
  • Painful joints – not enough salmon (or mackerel, depending on bank balance)
  • Feeling down – need more very dark chocolate
  • Headache/migraine – I’ve eaten too much very dark chocolate (it’s a fine balance which falls somewhere between 100g and 150g of 85% Green and Black’s per day)
  • Achy muscles – need more yoga
  • Feeling twitchy – need a walk in the fresh air
  • Feeling anxious, having brain fog, inability to finish a sentence or a hot cup of tea – I have three children:-)

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